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Mariana Seraphina's Journal
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10/21/04 Very busy today, went to class already, go to work later, heading to the gym in about an hour or two, gonna study til then thinking of going hiking a Bonniville I don't know it is kinda cold, and working out a kind of ritual for All hollows eve. Well, at least life isn't boring. I just took an IQ test and scored a 127, wonder what that means. Starting to work on x-mas gifts. ( I broke ass) And am starting up juice fast today. Yesterday, I decided to boycott Wal-mart cause soon they are going to have a monopoly and all of the small buisnesses that produce more jobs will go out of buisness (yes, I meant to spell it that way). So I haven't marked Mejier off yet because they are not a national chain, however I am restricting my puying from them to only after other places are closed. And anyway, I would rather have a choice of places to go. And so that is my crusade for the day. Chau.
10/10/04 I am not even going to bother saying that today was a bad day, cause I don't want to even start that tangent. However, today has been educational in that it has shown me my limitations and possible ways of working a way out of them. I only need to claim back what I give up all too easily. Time, I don't think I will ever be able to really just relax, it's just not going to happen, but to have the time to do that which needs be done, I might be able to make an allowance. I need disipline.  Also, minor complaint , I have not seen a face all day that wasn't empty, now why is that? Makes me want to do poetry again.
2/27/04  Yes, it has been a long time. But then again I was never too good at keeping journals. It has been long enough now that all the people who used to try to read this page have stopped, and that is ok... I don't think I really ever did it for them anyway. I mean truthfully if you are part of my life , you know what is going on, right? But the point of this I guess is to find a way of remembering little things, like that I absolutly go crazy for steamed dumplings from only one place in the whole world or that there is just something beautiful about a man in mascara. I don't know. So, is there any substance to this entry besides me going on some tangent, let's see.....  nope, sorry not this time.

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