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Mariana Seraphina's Journal
Journal June, 2002
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6/11/02  Well, what can I say? I been in an accident, had a golden lab die in my arms, and sent the Towncar into a spin that knocked down almost everything that came in contact with it. Then, the following day, I lost my job. So even as now the moon is dark and I look back upon it's waning... I am hopeful as it will soon grow full again.
6/25/02 I bought a 83 Buick Riviera (yes, I know about the flaw) and it has proved that it is able to make it to Clarkston so I hope it will do for a little while. I don't know I feel like the Hang man lately. Not sure if you are familiar with that symbolism I will explain a little bit. The Hang man is a Tarot card, one of the major arcana, which I being lazy have forgotten which number it is. However, in the hang man we often see a man hanging upside down by his foot from a tree over water if I remember correctly. He opens his eyes and sees his whole world turned upside down. And he suspended between heaven and earth can do nothing about it. He doesn't know how long he will be there or how he is going to get out of his situation. He is serene. He knows he has no power all he can do is wait. I feel as I would think he would feel, I wait. I have so many possiblities yet the time hasn't come, soon, for now I am merely dangleing by a string. I once drew a picture depicting this scene, it is still one of my favourites. It is ancient, you might know him in the norse mythology as Odin, who hung from a tree and there it was he learned the great language of the runes. I wonder what I will learn.