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Mariana Seraphina's Journal
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Journal December 02

12/14/02 Well, I am within the twelve days of Christmas. However, since I am deciding to pay bills, I am unable to get everyone I love gifts yet, ( I am actually planning to get them on the three month plan, ( anything that is a gift up to three months after Christmas is indeed a Christmas gift. I am going to try to make a few gifts but probably only for the ones that would appreciate a gift that was made for them. Yeah, I feel crummy but hopefully I am making the right decisions. And all I REALLY want for Christmas is to have people I like near me. That might end up being the hardest thing of all. I love the Holidays and even I am beginning to hate the constant onslaught of carols, sales, Santas, and weather. I am thinking of playing Black Sabbath and putting on a tank top and pretending it is summer, ( yes, this is the part where I die). Anyway, Happy Holidays to all, and I encourage everyone to drop all the bs of the season for the reasons behind it, it would be a shame to loose something so beautiful just because it is buried under rabble. Edit