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Taste of me...
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Please allow me to introduce myself...

Who am I? Kinda odd question figuring chances are if your reading this you already know me. However, I can give a perspective since you were bored enough to actually check. Let's see, I am currently twenty-two, ummm I have a divinity complex, but who doesn't anymore. I am hung over so will probably go back and rewrite all of this when I care. I am single. Going to IUSB majoring in nursing, yeah I have a true and sincere calling to be hopefully better paid, kinda sad but true I am not all that into nursing. I am thinking about majoring in spanish, and you guessed it, I have little interest in Spanish either, except the fact that it is increasingly more efficient to know it. It's not a bad language though. So, if any of that told you anything about me it would be that I am quite able to do things that don't exactly make me happy. However, besides my bite the bullet mentality I am certainly not unhappy and could not really claim by any stretch of the imagination to be self-sacrificing, I am too indulgent for that nonsense. I am flawed, and sometimes very ok with that. Hmmmm, ok my self perspective sucks , I really shouldn't write when I am hung over. I promise to fix this all later.

Who am I? I am.


And this is me...

Always wandering...

We are all wanderers, we are all in some way losing and yet continually finding ourselves. We only become what we choose to be.... And I choose to always be terribly me.

A few of my favourite things...

I am crazy for steamed dumplings, Voltaire, Lestat, and warm blankies. I also like rainbow sprinkles, Jim and coke, tribal drumming, working out, journals, the song of a whip and naming things.

I gather my love of music from all areas, my favourites include:
La Traviata-Verdi, Franz Lizet, Beethoven, System of a down, Him, Voltaire, BLah, hehe yeah, trying to fix everything when the world is spinning sucks.