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Almost Art!
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Here it is... exactly as it is... 

As I have stated before, I am not very talented with art. However, I do think that art serves a different purpose than just pretty pictures and technique. Athough those are wonderful things. 
I believe that art is more of what comes of someone pouring out their soul or self into a given medium. And it is with this in mind I share some of mine with you.


This was the first of two pictures I made of the same woman. She is simply walking away into something we are not sure of, and she is not looking back.


This is the second picture of that woman. However, in this one she seems to be faceing us, yet her face is unseen. There she stands without her guardian but on less polished setting.


This one I named "Blessed are the Persecuted". However since then I refer to it as "Her" or "She".
The thing that get me in this one is she is strong, powerful, and within her imprisonment, she smiles contemplating her own mystery or secret.