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I'd rather be bored with you than not bored at all. Joe
Speaking of possesion, I have a bad idea... Larissa
You are special because you are either wearing socks or not wearing socks at all times. James
Estrogen is good for the soul. But too much is toxic.Larissa
Don't worry about it, how long can a dark night of the soul last anyway?Larissa
It is said that Jesus, in his life, wrote only once. And that was to defend a sinners life, he wrote in sand, then wiped it away... Funny that this man founded one of the largest text based religions we know of today? And what ever happened to the defend the sinner part? Larissa
When Melissa is sad, Melissa Cries, when I get mad, carrots fly. Larissa
If heaven was only a state of mind, how many times would you visit it? Larissa
Don't make plans for the things you really want to do, plans will go haywire, do the things you really want to do. Larissa
Try to keep your life in such a way that you will always need a spare set of clothes in the car and a toothbrush always in hand. Larissa
Always remember,if you have to drink a slim fast, have it chasing down a candy bar and some Doritos.
Every day should start with a really good pillow fight.
Toast and red pop are good when served to you in the shower.Larissa 

Everyday you should do something that makes you: sweat, loose all the make-up you might have applied, think, and happy.
If you find yourself talking about the weather for more than a moment something is wrong.Larissa