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Follow me into my thoughts this is my written journey.

Enter the MarianaSeraphina's Journal

Behold the quest.
That which is ever on your mind.
It rules every thought and every decison.
The quest rules you as time does
the stars and planets.
Some believe the stars hold the destinies
of which we seek or counsel on our journey.
Yet, they are only spectators.
They watch, they wait.
The quest is found through mind and heart.
The decisions we make and the deeds we do all find their place in either of these places
if not both.
The quest lives on, in birth we inherit it.
The quest is the great energy
that moves all things.
The energy draws us one to another.
It draws the weak to the strong,
the living to the dead,
and light to darkness.
It can draw vice to virtue,
Or love to hate.
It can heal wounds or bring pain.
It seperates and yet balances.
It leads me in my way
Onward through the fool's journey...