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World Religions Journal 2


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World Religions Journal 2
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Journal 2

We talked quite a bit about the differences between oral and written traditions. I personally prefer the oral because it seems to me that it would grow with people, changing to fit their needs and being perhaps more alive and working than written. Written seems to be more restrictive and only allowing change in as far as you can interpret it. Also a written religion sounds cold to me personally though that may not be true for others.

I use to be influenced by both oral and written when I was a pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic and I recall having repetition but not a lot of new and original ideas. Now I am on more of a self discovering path kind of religion. I dont really identify with organized religions well thus it seems that I would be lead to bring up my family with an oral tradition instead.

I was fairly interested in the sacred space and time concept. I currently cast a circle to get that kind of effect it was interesting to recap the reasons why I do.