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World Religions Journal 3


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World Religions Journal 3

Journal 3

We have just finished covering Hinduism and the major thing I learned from it was, I am not one. I did note some similarities in what they hold and what I personally hold. I had heard of Atman before and hold the concept in high regard. I kind of agree with the Maya principle in that so much of what is, is in fact an illusion, we set up barriers that are not there, we also believe we have freedoms that in fact havent been tested. There are so many things we now hold as true that tomorrow will be trivia of a bygone age. I also understand the concept of Karma, but at the same time I dont think I can accept Karma as destiny. Karma is cause and effect, like action and consequence. So an example might be a man committing a crime and being punished for it. He choose to set the whole situation into motion with his crime and with his guilt of this crime due action was taken. However, Destiny is preordained, we do not choose destiny, there for how can we be punished for it? If the situation of a crime comes up you have a choice and free will, you are not destined to do a wrong you dont want to. Karma would show up when there is either guilt or merit of our own free choice. Destiny is that which we can not stop, avoid, or alter therefore how could we achieve guilt from something we had no choice in the matter to do. Thus Karma and Destiny are separate things as should not be confused with one another, they are not synonyms any more than a accident is to a crime, intention is the deciding factor.

I also tend to think of reincarnation as a possibility and if it is true then it seems only natural that we might be still working through some of the same issues that had occurred before. As long as the belief in such an idea is not detrimental it can then be good