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World Religions Journal 4


World Religions Journal 4
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I am finding with Buddhism and other belief systems we are learning about that I am extremely Western minded. It makes sense that I would be, however I would consider myself to be open minded. I dont see being a Western thinker as bad , neither is Eastern philosophy, there is a need for both.

I have a hard time understanding some of Buddhism because of my mind set though. I can not understand how suffering comes from desire, I like my desire. I feel I would be incomplete without my various hungers. They say to end suffering , end desire, I question that. Are we stoics? Do we not think of the good things we will also loose if we silence our desires? Should we deny the great things life can give us because suffering comes with it? Are we such cowards? Do we hide under security blankets and hope that we will soon find a way to escape?

Nirvana, the great high where we can run away from ourselves and all situation. You can not be anything in Nirvana, your greatest bliss is becoming nothing, an accepted state of nothingness. All of your responsibilities, hopes , dreams, and ambitions dont have to be satisfied because you are liberated. So their needs must die, while you find bliss.

I also have a hard time with the concept of no self. I tend to follow Decartes I think there for I am. Someone had to do the thinking. Why would we want to give up what we know ourselves to be to become only a personality. Why would we want to not have any love ones just because we would feel pain if they were hurt?

Then again I did find some points that I liked out of this philosophy. Do no harm. I have heard this before from many places. The Wiccan Rede tells us , as it harms none, do as thou wilt. Christianity says do onto others as you would have done onto you.