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Intro Into World Religions Journal 1


World Religions Journal 4
Intro Into World Religions Journal 1
World Religions Journal 2
World Religions Journal 3

World Religion- Journal 1 ( Not personally good, but met a deadline, will rewrite)

The best way for me to go about this journal is to compare how all the information I am receiving relates to me, thus that is how I will precede from here on. In the first chapter we are learning what religions are and why we have them. This makes me question my own need of religion. Religion is used when we find it difficult to answer a question, and since I find myself to be a slave to my own searching I also would try religion as a way of answering those questions. However, I think that first the question must be asked to other areas first. Science is a good example of an area to try before religion I personally think. Yet, this too is flawed, science is always advancing , years from now the world will be completely different because of science, how can it answer all of our questions now and make it last.

I see people everyday turn to a religion to help them in their troubles. This is a function of religion. How does it help? Is their someone behind it or is it placebo effect, or perhaps even just negative and positive energies balancing themselves? I see people pray when they have no where else to turn, when they are tired and breaking. They are at their wits end, but how many times had they when they still had time and opportunity? Is religion just the parachute when you know you are going to fall?

Another point of interest that I have found when reading over the definitions in the chapter is that some of my religious ideas are pantheistic, I say some so that I do not box myself in by that term. I have had various writings where I describe everything as sacred, because everything is consecrated by life. The bible is as sacred as a novel, both can have tattered and dog-eared pages. The field as sacred as candles we use them both.