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11/10/04 Fun stuff today, Joe and I got navel peircings last night. It was Joe's first and my second. I was pretty suprised, it didn't hurt half as much as I was expecting. But now once again I am broke, (I did get alot of other stuff too, gotta admit). I found out my grade on my last life span class, lol I studied least of all for it and got an even better grade, 88.something hmmmm, does it do me better not to study? And on that thought I have another math test coming on the 17th, yeah that I might want to study for, I suck. Anyway, other news I have a date on Thurs. And lightening shall tear the sky, thunder morn in it's rage, the temple veil shall be torn and the great beast the dragon shall arise to hunt..... It's with James. (Wonder what I'll wear, lol) . Only other thing is, I am thinking of adding an erotic writings section to this page... so be on the look out.....hmmmmm. Hehe.